"...we must all think about stepping more gently upon the land
when we build..."
- Malcolm Wells

What is Green Design:
"Green" and especially Green Building Design is a term that is thrown about allot these days, but what does it truly mean to build green and what can is do for you?

Featured Project:
There are many applications to "green" design in commercial projects. This mixed-use project uses passive and active solar, as well as, clear story design and radiant heat.

Greenworks is a Design Firm specializing in sustainable and environmental Building Design, Interiors, Remodeling, Rehabitation and Green Project Certifications. We dedicate ourselves to the needs of the client, community and the environment, while strictly adhering to the project's budget.

Committed to the sustainable practice of building, without overlooking the client's needs for sustainable living, each design looks towards enhancing the health and wellness interacting with every space.
While not licensed Architects, Greenworks has an extensive network of professional associates to assist, when needed and to stamp all construction documents.


LEED AP  /  Built Green  /  Master Builders Association

Info@Greenworks.us  /  425.787.1000