"Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's 'nut' that held
his ground."

- Anonymous

Escape, Relax and Enjoy a dynamic and beautiful environment.  Greenworks can infuse your Hospitality Project with these attributes.  We work hard to create a project that not only meets the budget of the Client, but brings in new energy, concepts and sustainability. 

Your clients will be excited to patron your facilities when they are chemical free, energizing and light on this earth.

Be a leader in the industry and leave the old guys behind.  Let Greenworks guide you through designing a "Green" building that will create a fresh new brand for your company.

By Crow/Clay & Associates
   Pacific Wood Laminates - Brookings, OR
   The Mill Casiono - North Bend, OR
   Chetco Federal Credit Union - Cresent City, CA
   Gold Beach High School - Gold Beach, OR
   Harbor Suites - Brookings, OR
   Coastal Residence - Brookings, OR
By Callison
   Nordstrom - Brea, CA
By Mithune
   Northridge Senior Living - Northridge, CA
By Lightchasers
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